Sunday, 19 April 2009

Another Week Bites The Dust

WOW what a quick week.

The weather has been rubbish. But Mum has been sooooooo much better. She's managed to take us out this week.

On Tuesday we headed out to Vogrie Park to meet Mum's friend and her children. We all had a good time. The time passed really quickly and we were late home because we had a great time.

On Wednesday Gran and Grandad Plumb took us over to Dunfermline and we did Crazy Golf and walked round Primark and went to McDonald's for lunch.

On Thursday we had a pretty lazy day and met Granny Oz for lunch and went into her new work.

Friday we got spoiled.... we did Pizza Hut buffet for lunch. Then we lazed about all afternoon and had stew for dinner late.

On Saturday we did football. Turns out it started at 9am and we erm well we were half an hour late. So we came home and played. Then we went to B&Q as mum wants to decorate all the bedrooms.

Today we headed through to Fife. We went up to Anstruther. Had a wander round and up the town. Then got an ice cream and had a seat. Then we wandered about and went to the fisheries museum before getting chips for a late lunch out the famous fish bar. Then we wandered along and had a play on the beach. We decided to head home but did a bit of a long detour to Kirkcaldy links funfair. Bumped into some people who Mum and Dad Tweet. Then came home via Asda in Dunfermline. We got another Maccy D's.

Got tomorrow off with no plans but bet Mum finds something for us to do.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Weekend

We should have been away this weekend. But due to Mum and Dad being ill they cancelled it.

Dad was meant to have a day off on Friday but it didn't happen due to being busy. Our friends popped over for a wee while then we just lazed about until we did a food shop at teatime.

Saturday we went to see 17 again. Rather inappropriate for under 10's. But a good story line with lots of funny bits. Had lunch at the mexican. Then had a wander round the shops.

Sunday the Easter Bunny came. We went for a visit to New Lanark through the west. Had a great time there with a picnic lunch. It was just such a lovely time. We left about 3pm and popped to the Fort in Glasgow and did some shopping then ate in the Italian.

Today we popped to Peebles and had a play in the park and a wander and then lunch. Found the tiniest toy shop ever. Now lazing about.

Mum is finally on the mend.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Oops..Been AWOL

This hasn't been updated in a while. Mum hasn't been well. She went to work one day and came home with a banging head. By the next morning it hadn't shifted and she was tired. The next morning was April Fools and she groaned and Dad joked this you playing an April Fools on me? He soon realised mum was really ill. Temp of 40 degrees, very sore throat, bad headache etc. She couldn't get out of bed. Turned out she had a very bad throat infection. But the headache continued and on Thursday night despite attempting to make it through the night to the next day to see the GP, she couldn't and NHS 24 rushed her into hospital. We got plucked from our beds and taken to Granny Plumbs. Well Granny Plumb was out but Grandad was there.

It turned out Mum's muscles in her neck had siezed from the fibro and that was what was causing her headache. Friday resulted in Mum in so much pain that she called an Osteopath who has managed to unloosen the muscles a bit and give some relief.

She did manage to take us to the park the other day. The park is no longer the same. They've lost so much equipment and it's just not the place to play safely.

We went out with Granny and Grandad Plumb to see Monsters V Ailens which was really good.

Our Great Uncle has also suffered a stroke and is in hospital. Granny Oz was looking after our cousins when it happened so mum ended up looking after 4 kids when she was ill. We've also had to cancel our holiday but Mum promises Sunday will be fun.

The good news is we still have 6 school days off :p