Wednesday, 17 June 2009

There's One More Angel in Heaven

Grandma passed away at 3.25am after suffering a massive heart attack 3 weeks ago and major heart failure last week.

RIP Grandma and thank you for the wonderful memories and for being a VIP in our lives.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

June Already

Dear me we're in June. We had a busy weekend with CJ's birthday. Bouncy castle party followed by the girls going shopping and manicures and the boys all going crazy golfing.

Unfortunately things have been hard here. Grandma suffered another big heart attack. She happened to be in A&E at the time when it happened. Just as well as she wouldn't be here otherwise. She thinks mum is 15 and doesn't remember our children which we're finding hard.. She's bright and happy enough.

Day off from school tomorrow due to the elections. Dad's having one of those things called a day off. A huge rarity but we're gonna have a great family day and hope the weather continues being dry. Friday is sports day then hopefully we can have a restful weekend.