Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Busy Week 3

On Monday we went fruit picking at another farm. It wasn't as good as the Fife one but we had fun.

On Tuesday we had to meet friends at Costco to collect a cake and had lunch.

On Wednesday it was our friends birthday and we had a day out to East Links Farm. We had pony rides and went on Go Karts.

On Thursday we walked to the library and it felt like a long walk.

On Friday we went swimming.

On Saturday we went Bowling to Crazy Golf and then McDonalds.

On Sunday we had a lazy day.

Busy week meeting up with everyone who's finally home.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

High School Musical

We went to see High School Musical on stage. It was good but not as good as the film. They changed some of it. But we had lots of fun.

Fruit Picking

We had a lazy morning before heading to Cupar in Fife to go Fruit Picking and visit the Maze. The maze we gave up when we got fed up after 30 minutes so we headed over to the fruit picking area and got Fresh Strawberries and Raspberries which tasted so divine. Daddy and Boy liked doing the Strawberries because they were low down and Mum and girlie picked the raspberries which were quite high up. Unfortunately it did start to rain so we headed off. But will be visiting nearby places to pick fruit as they enjoyed it so much.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Holiday coninued

We got up late on Monday morning and had showers then headed to a nearby Morrisons for breakfast before heading to Bournville in Birmingham. There's one reason for going to Bournville.... the big purple sign. Cadbury's. We went to Cadbury World.

Mum checked in while we had a wander about. Then she got some free chocolate and our tickets and we headed for the cafe for dairy milk ice cream and hot chocolates. We looked through the maps and headed to the Bournville Experience which tells you how it was all strutcured and came about. Then we played in the playpark while awaiting the essence queue to go down. The essence experience was about how long it took them to make dairy milk. Then we got thick hot melted chocolate. Boy had it plain, Girlie had wine gums and mum had midget gems. (dad did have some but mum can't remember what). Then we headed back to look at the shop before heading into the actual factory. We got told about how chocolate came about and moving on to Cadbury's opening a tea merchants before expanding to chocolate and their subsequent move to Bournville. We got told about what the different factories are for and had a simulator ride on a factory machine. We had a small ride with the chucklebeans as well as getting to play with chocolate, writing our names in chocolate as well as seeing how they make hollow chocolate for fillings. Lots of things to see and do before ending up in the cadbury's shop.

We then headed to Frankie and Benny's for dinner before heading back to Leicester to pack up for an early start.

We got up early the next morning and headed down the M1 to London towards Legoland. Just after we arrived it started to rain but we managed to get some rides done before the rain stopped play. Ate lunch in the pasta and pizza place. Some stroppy patrons in there. Then onto doing rides between downpours. We ended up leaving early as we were all wet. Headed and checked in at the hotel before heading into Slough for dinner at the Buffet Chinese. Headed back to the hotel and had a drink in the bar before heading to bed for the night after our early start.

Next morning up at a more reasonable time. Headed along to breakfast where we had all the continental offerings and the added bonus of a cooked brekkie. After filling up we left early to get to Legoland again and headed on as many rides as possible that we could get on. Had a late lunch in one of the cafes before heading to the hotel and having dinner in the restaurant.

Thursday was a beautiful Sunny day... typical. We headed into London to spend the day in Hamleys, on the bus and river tours as well as dinner in Rainforest Cafe. Late train home but it was good but busy trip which flew past.

Friday was another train into London. The train and tube was very busy. We headed to the London Eye then to Trafalgar Square before lunching in Covent Garden. After that we headed back to Paddington to get a train back to Slough. For dinner we ate in the bar and had an early night as well as packing.

The drive home took just over 7 hours. It was much easier than expected and was nice to be home and get washing done.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Gone Away

We’re on Holiday. Girlie and the Boy went to school on Thursday and mum collected Girlie after an hour as she had to sit her Flamenco Exam. The Boy was collected by a friend while girlie got her hair cut.. Then we all met up and we travelled down towards Stafford. We had a good start to the journey but there was a crash on the M6 Northbound and it resulted in our bit being very congested for 2 hours so our journey should have had us there about 5.30pm instead it was closer to 8pm as we stopped at services for some tea. But the delay annoyed mum as it meant she missed Eastenders. Like she’s not got it recorded on virgin plus or anything??

Friday morning was a beautiful wake up. It had been a hot night so you can imagine our dismay when it started pouring down with rain. We were headed for Alton Towers. The car park was like a huge lake. We were soaked and despite the rain the park was very busy but we managed to ride many rides and dad got fast passes for Nemisis and Air. We had lunch at Burger King as we were so wet but it was so cold. Mum took Girlie and the boy on Charlie and the Chocolate factory ride. That was sooooo cool as you could actually smell chocolate as you entered. Then mum watched Girlie and Boy on the driving school and dad met up. By this point the sun had got his hat on and we dried out and stayed until the park closed.

We headed back to Stafford and had a Chinese for dinner at the Chinese opposite the hotel. It was a gorgeous meal and very quiet. Then a drink in the bar before heading to bed.

Early wake up on Saturday morning for our second day at Alton Towers. The sun kept his hat on and it was a good day but we found it to be packed but had a good parking space. We managed to go on the river rapid ride which was fun. But we gave up on the flume ride as it was too busy for us. We left early and went to the wacky warehouse for tea. Few drinks in the bar before bed. Packed up for moving on.

Tried to sleep in but the children didn’t allow it. The hotel must have been booked out as breakfast was a busy affair with people waiting for tables. We then packed up the car and headed to Leicester. Mum’s friends live there and their wee girlie is the same age as our boy. We met them at Snipstone Discovery Park close to where we were staying. The discovery park was a colliery but is now a mix between a science centre, a museum and has a lovely big park with various experiences which are so much fun. Before we knew it, time had flown past. It was time to head on to our room in Leicester. Advice was to go to a local pub for dinner. Turned out to be another wacky warehouse. Headed back to the room via costcutter for juice and some food for the room as we didn’t have breakfast available and didn’t really fancy the services