Sunday, 31 October 2010

Been over a Year

And so much has happened in the Carlisle household. The girl is a year older, the boy is a year older. Dad is just Dad, while mum has lurched from one health problem to another health problem, and is currently awaiting 2 lots of different surgeries.

There's been no big holidays this year but a trip to Alton Towers and a ferry trip to Amsterdam has taken place and the summer holidays were ok to start until Mum broke her foot. This meant only short trips until mum got better but now she has a long term broken foot :-S.

The girl has dance exams coming up again and came 2nd top in the exam she sat in the summer. She's also participating in this years Gang Show and has performed in her dance show.

The boy is playing away for the boys club football team.

Lots of fun days coming up soon on new school trips etc.